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AUG 18, 2016


Simple Man


Way back in 1978 I performed a concert with The Freedom Orchestra in the gymnasium at the state prison in Tracy, California. By several layers of miracle a video of this performance exists, and can now be shared. The quality of video equipment that was used in basic education in the 1970s was not the greatest, so some allowance must be made for the image quality. But hey, that any such artifact even exists is, as I said, something approaching the miraculous. Our stage was the boxing ring, much of our equipment was built in the prison handicraft shop, the gymnasium acoustics were far from great, and all the guys in the audience were criminals. Prison rock at its finest!


Below is a link to one excerpt from the video, one of the opening songs for the concert - a cover of "Simple Man", written by Ronnie Van Zant and Gary Rossington. I've never been a great singer but the story in the song is one that has resonance for men who have made serious mistakes in life, so I thought it might set a good tone for the beginning of the concert. Awhile later The Freedom Orchestra performed significant portions of my compositions for Lucifer Rising. These portions of the video will be added to the channel in the months to come. Stay tuned!


Bobby BeauSoleil

March 2016




Denial LIVE featuring Bobby BeauSoleil

FEB 05, 2016


Live video of element66 featuring Bobby BeauSoleil. Denial is from The Dysprosium Collection which has a psychedelic electronica rock flavor that is not only catchy, but has a dark twist with a pulse that will have you drawn into a future you didn't see coming.





The Wailing on Witch Mountain

OCT 25, 2015




It is said that at Samhain the membrane that separates the ones who are living from the ones who have gone before stretches to its thinnest, and may even become so insubstantial that voices and visions and other strange things will pass between.


A spooky, high-spirited romp, like a wolf dancing and howling at the moon, in celebration of the only question that, ultimately, is worth asking.



New Logo by Doping-Pong

AUG 06, 2015



It is with profound pleasure that I proudly announce the official debut of my arts production company¹s new logo.  This image was designed and made at my request by the graphic arts house Doping-Pong, under the guidance of renowned Russian artist Dmitry Mishenin.


I first made the acquaintance of Dima Mishenin about a decade ago.  We have since enjoyed a rich correspondence, mostly around discussions of art and its role as a driver in culture and spiritual awareness.  Dima¹s evocative paintings have been, and continue to be, an inspiration to me.  Of note, the Doping-Pong art house was commissioned to produce the nationally endorsed promotional images for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia.


So when it came time to adopt a logo for BobbyBeauSoleil.com I naturally turned to my friend Dima, a true master of the iconic image.  I left it entirely to his considered judgment what sort of symbolic image would be most appropriate for my company.  A few months later Dima sent me several variations of the logo concept he had come up with, all of them involving an image of the classic Cupid, some incorporating a top hat.


I must confess that I initially felt some ambivalence about this choice of motif for my company logo.  Back in 1965 when I was a beardless boy of 16 and a part of the emerging counter-culture scene on the streets of west Los Angeles, I didn¹t mind being called by the nickname Cupid.  The girls who came out to hang out with us on the Sunset Strip loved it, after all.  But around the time I turned 20, with aspirations to be a tough guy on a motorcycle, I was ready to leave the Cupid nickname behind, and actively resisted being called by that name.  I¹ve never been able to shake it entirely, however.


Now, despite my initial ambivalence, I knew right off that Dima had pulled a rabbit out of his hat (pun intended).  This image seems to me to hit all the right notes ­ playful, mischievous, light-hearted, with just a hint of erotic, dark mystery.  This image is the brand symbol by which my production company will now and forever be known.


Thank you, Dima!



Kenneth Anger’s Magick Lantern Cycle

JUL 26, 2015


Kenneth Anger’s Magick Lantern Cycle, the complete anthology of his films, has just been released on the French Label, POTEMKINE FILMS, in a beautifully designed DVD boxed set.  The package contains many extras, and the inclusion of my recording of the Lucifer Rising soundtrack with the film is authorized.  For more information, visit POTEMKINE FILMS website here:





The Spiritual Significance of Music

JUL 13, 2015


I recently received this message from Justin St. Vincent, the chief editor at Xtreme Music online magazine:


Just thought I'd reconnect as I've recently redesigned Xtreme Music featuring our exclusive interview together.




Please feel free to share this link with your friends and fans as I'd love for them to learn more from the insights in "The Spiritual Significance of Music".


Blessings and Best Regards,





Asymmetrical Basslines

JUN 01, 2015


ASYMMETRICAL BASSLINES is number three in my Band Outa Hell series. A direct descendent of Quasimodo and a cousin of Igor, this guy plays the bass in a most otherworldly fashion, completely outside the box, never repeating the same line the same way twice. Makes for wild dancing!



The Light Watch

MAY 27, 2015



Inspiration for THE LIGHT WATCH came to me full force while working on another painting. The muse spoke so powerfully that I was forced to stop work on the painting to sketch out the composition for this one. It struck me that the turbulence of the world is a persistent challenge to the one whose responsibility it is to hold the light steady for all those who search for it. This image is an interpretation of that notion.




MAY 24, 2015



THE STORYTELLER is the name by which some cultures native to North America refer to Raven, a remarkably intelligent and talkative bird. Early in my youth I had some encounters with a raven that brought some inspiration for this piece. Around the corner from Grandma's house, where I stayed most summers when I was a kid, there lived a man who kept a raven as a pet in a large cage near the front door of his house. The raven's name was Sam. I rarely saw the man but I frequently visited Sam. Whenever I did he would greet me by arching his neck until his beak was near his feet and say, in a perfect imitation of the deep voice of the man who kept him, "Hello, Sam!" While doing this painting I imagined Raven telling astonishing stories in Sam's resonant voice.




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