Mimi's House and Garden

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    "I am a pagan...I believe that our planet has a consciousness of its own.  My connection to nature-to the trees &
    plants & critters that live with me here on my 2 acres, is how I choose to honor that connection.  I merge with
    my environment.  From my window, I marvel at the dance that happens when the breeze moves through the
    different shaped leaves.  The colors-green, purples, white,yellow, browns.  The birds who come to my feeders.     
    The pesky squirrels who come raid them.  My dogs and cats..." - Mimi 4/27/12









    Barbara spent her last day in the world planting flower bulbs, including these tulips she planted in a big  
    ceramic pot.  "I'll never forget watching her plant these little gifts for us.  A perfect reminder of her every







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