It is the roll, indeed the duty, of all artists to bring their work forward in such a way that a greater community of humanity can benefit by it. In keeping with this dharmic responsibility, I am relying on cyberspace as a means of sharing my work.


  My entire catalog of original music, all 80+ unique tracks, has been lofted heavenward and now resides on the free streaming service, SoundCloud. In a similar fashion, all of my music tracks have been combined with a gallery of my visual art to my channel on another free streaming service, YouTube, where the music and images of my paintings have been combined with examples of my animation work and live performance videos.


   On the Music page of my website ( you will find handy SoundCloud players for each of albums and song singles, with notes, as well as a player that will let you play all the tracks with a single click for hours and hours of continuous music with no repeats. Jump over to the Movies page on the website and you'll get access to the music, art, and videos on the YouTube channel ( Or, if you're really lazy, tell your cell phone or smart speaker to "Play music by Bobby BeauSoleil on SoundCloud."



   Additionally, I am making high resolution images of all of my paintings available to the public for free. If you visit the Art Gallery page you will be guided to where you'll be able to download image files. You have my permission to use these files to make prints provided they are for personal non-commercial purposes only.


   Thank you for taking the time to visit this website, and for your interest in my work.


   If you are interested in exploring other aspects of my life and work in a more free-roaming fashion, please visit my new website:



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